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Construction and Renovations Gauteng - Building and Renovating Homes and Offices.


These days there are increasingly more options for property owners when it comes to constructing the house of their dreams or a beautiful and functional office. Billtec Building is always keeping up with new trends and technologies, building and designing homes based on the choice of homeowners. When building new homes, we provide you with the basic plans and will build your home using quality materials and workmanship. Building your new home can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, with Billtec Building you can rest assured that we will have everything covered. You will enjoy quality construction that can only be achieved with the help of professionals. The location and design of your home are important factors when considering future value. Selecting the right building contractor for your new home is the most important factor.

When hiring Billtec Building, the homeowner can get exactly what they want and invest in a home that will bring returns of quality and enjoyment. If you have purchased your own plot of land to construct your home, we will work with you in order to fit the home into the surroundings and optimize the potential of the land. We will communicate with you to ensure every detail, from the material being used to equipment, is up to your standards and going to produce the home you have been dreaming about.

Billtec Building home construction contractors offers all technical experience and expertise to our clients, whatever their requirements. We know how to build a house in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing manner. Issues such as the size of rooms, quality of construction, and cost of construction, to name a few, are effectively dealt with. We as home construction builders consider the intangible aspects by providing appropriate solutions for any requirements, today and for the future. With our home construction company, you can actually witness your ideas come to life. Our experienced team and your relevant inputs to the designers, are sure to come up with a viable, unique design.